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Is same-day cancellation possible? - Popular topics / Cancellations & Refunds - Sky-Tours Support Ticket system

Is same-day cancellation possible?

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Have you just reserved a flight and changed your mind? We understand that circumstances can change! Just note that cancellations not made within our ticketing period (which varies from our different ticketing location) will be subject to airline fare rules.

How do I do this?

As long as your ticket is not issued, you can cancel your reservation online* and free of charge by acceding your booking through “My Reservation” section.

If your ticket(s) is/are already issued in our European ticketing location (some fares require ticketing in our main ticketing location in Europe ) we can only cancel within the same day or before 6PM Eastern time. You may however immediately contact our support via mail, telephone or chat and, if the tariff still allows cancellations, we will only charge you 15EUR/passenger ( or the equivalent in the currency paid ) for our effort.

*For tickets issued by Low-Cost Carriers, the free cancellation is not available

Please click here to contact us via support helpdesk:

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