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How does the Sky-tours travel voucher work? - Popular topics / Cancellations & Refunds - Sky-Tours Support Ticket system

How does the Sky-tours travel voucher work?

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Sky-tours offers an instant refund via a credit voucher, even when the airline will take months to refund! The Sky-tours voucher is NOT subject to any specific airline or passenger! Meaning it can be used by anyone you decide, with any airline, any route and at any time* for the full amount of your cancelled flights

  1. This voucher can be used as part payment towards a future booking.
  2. *Your new trip booked with your voucher must be used within the validity date but the actual travel can be later.
  3.  When booking a flight, the balance can be applied for any new flight/hotel purchase ( while the credit voucher is still valid )
  4. The refund or cash withdrawal of the flight voucher is excluded.
  5. Once you want to use your voucher, just make a booking and enter the code in the promo field:

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