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Skytours Refund Voucher

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Due to the difficult situation we all are experiencing at the moment, Sky-tours is offering a " refund voucher" which is a credit but not attached to any airline or only to the original passenger. Here the traveller can use her/his money right away with any service offered by Sky-tours ( packages, hotel, rental car, or airline tickets )  for any person of her/his choice! You don't have to wait until the airline sends a refund which in most cases will take up to 12 or more months. 

Our offer is also valid in case the airline goes bankrupt or should your ticket has been issued by a consolidator who seized business.

The conditions of use are the following:

- Refund Vouchers can be used as part payment towards a future booking up to a maximum amount of 20% of the purchased travel.

- Refund Vouchers are valid for use at and might be used for any service advertised on the page.

- The new trip booked with your voucher must be used  (purchased) within the validity date. The travel date can be later!

- When making the new travel booking, we will allow a discount of up to  20% or the total amount due.

- Remaining credit can be used  for 365 days as many times until the amount  is 0 (zero)

- Cash refunds are not allowed.

- Refund  Voucher Validity:  365days

For more information contact us through our support portal

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