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Visas and travel documents

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Depending on your nationality, you might be required to have a passport for your travel. To make sure which conditions apply, you need to contact the Embassy of the country you are traveling and the country you are transiting through as you may be required to get a transit visa as well. It is the passenger's sole responsibility to comply with all legal requirements ( visa, vaccins..etc ) to depart the country or enter into a third country and ensure that they have all of the relevant documents.

You can check this information here:

Have you renewed your passport since you made your reservation?

If your passport number has changed recently and you are taking an international flight, please contact us so we can update your booking details with the correct information.


Traveling through or to the United States or Canada?

Please remember that, depending on your nationality, you might need a visa or travel authorisation if you travel to the USA or Canada or even if you are transiting through this countries. If you already have this, then please also make sure that your passport information is up to date.

Some Citizens may not need a visa, but they must complete a travel authorization form, called an ESTA for the United States or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for Canada.

Click here if you require travel authorization for the United States or Canada.

In compliance with the Executive Order signed on the 27th of January 2017, passengers with citizenship from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen intending to travel to the US won’t be authorized for a new visa, or permitted to enter the country, even with a pre-existing visa. Passengers with dual citizenship are also impacted. On the contrary, US citizens holding Green Cards are not impacted. 

For further information regarding this situation, please visit the US Department of State website or the US embassy website in your country. 

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