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The Sky-tours Multi Connection Guarantee

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The Sky-tours Multi Connection Guarantee?

We include a connection protection guarantee, called Sky-tours Guarantee when you purchase your travel on using 2 or more tickets to reach your destination combining multiple carriers who do not offer a check-through.

The Sky-tours Guarantee protects you from any flight cancellations and delays that affects your trip.

If we find a reasonable alternative we'll arrange a flight to your final destination. If there is no reasonable alternative we'll offer a refund amount. 

After notified that your trip has been affected, please contact us immediately, but latest within 24 hours, otherwise your Guarantee may be voided. In addition, the Guarantee is not applicable in cases where you make changes to flight schedules without our prior approval.

The Sky-tours Guarantee applies if your flight was rescheduled, delayed, or canceled by the airline for any reason except Force Majeure situations (see below) and because of this, you missed your onward connecting.

Our Guarantee does not apply if:

the connection between two flights is issued on one single ticket (airlines guaranteeing such connections).

you checked in too late and therefore missed your flight.

you don't have needed transit Visa  in the Country-where you connect.

you were denied boarding.

Force Majeure situations occur.

Examples of Force Majeure situations:

Extreme weather conditions

Air traffic controller strikes

Political instability – unrest.


Terrorist attacks

Volcanic activity

Carrier insolvency

Mass Cancellations of flights

Normally airlines protect you from Force Majeure situations but we recommend a Travel Insurance.

If your travel is disrupted and you missed you connection, contact us immediately by phone, web chat, email and support ticket.

The Sky-tours Guarantee is subject to these Terms and Conditions

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